What We Do

Metal fabrication involves cutting, altering and shaping steel or other materials through the use of different tools, techniques and processes. Welding is then used to fuse or join the metal parts together. Fabrication and welding projects can involve simple, basic techniques, or they can be highly specialized and complex.

​At Crudam Fabrications, our team of expert designers and fabricators are capable of following a project from infancy to completion to give you the best metal fabrication solutions, tailored to your specific needs. 

Crudam Fabrication is a full-service metal fabrication company.  Our company serves the industrial and commercial metal fabrication industry by providing the highest quality products and services. After the project is finished, we can also install it for you!  Our only mission is to provide flawless service for your project demands.  However big your next project is,  here at Crudam, we can get it done!